Tesouro DinamizeHelp us find the #DinamizeTreasure!

The Dinamize Team already knows that the beach of Palmas has several mysteries… but now it’s time for all of you to know what this beach hides. One of the oldest stories tells us that somewhere on this beach is hidden a treasure capable of changing the Digital Marketing!

Follow all the clues and discover the mystery of #DinamizeTreasure!

The Dinamize World Meeting this year will take place at Palmas beach, April 6-8, and the entire team of the 7 national branches plus Canada and Portugal will be in search of this treasure! Help us find it by unraveling all clues found along the way.

5 pistas divulgadas ao longo de um mêsThere will be 5 clues released over a month. With each solved clue, a new one will open, until finally, on April 7th, the last clue will unravel the puzzle, and you will be with us watching on social networks the discovery of this treasure!

a aventura vai começarPolish your peg leg, grab your parrot and board our ship, because the adventure is about to begin!
Like our Facebook page to keep up with all the released clues and comment on your answers! They will be released from March 6, until the final clue,  on April 7, when the Dinamize team will be on Palmas beach to finally find this mysterious treasure, amid beaches, trails and pirate ships.

Fique ligado nas nossas páginas nas redes sociaisStay connected on our social networking pages so you do not miss any part of this story! Those who take the challenge and help us in this quest can be rewarded with super Dinamize kits and MKT2Easy accounts as a way to reward all the effort during that journey.


So, sailors, board with us on this adventure and discover the novelty that this mystery brings to the digital market!

Follow the clues on Facebook and sign up on the Landing Page to compete for the awards!

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