Treasure Hunt - Dinamize

The digital hunt to find the #DinamizeTreasure began on March 6th and consists of 5 clues to be unveiled on Facebook, released one each week. Follow our social medias and comment your answers! On April 6th the Dinamize team will be in Santa Catarina and, with your help, will find the Treasure and announce the 2018 campaign for the digital market.
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Download the file and find out how to understand it. What you find will guide you to the answer, releasing the next clue.

Last year we found a word search puzzle, in which you must find the name of two of the top three Star Wars robots. They will lead you to the code for the next clue.

The record player on the Dinamize Vessel plays many songs, and you might know one of them. This song will help you find the answer and get to the next clue.

In this file, you will find a crosswords that, when solved, highlights an important part of a famous wizard story. It will help you find the answer for this clue, leading to the next one.

Now you must travel back in time to find the answer for the last clue. Some people have experience in it, and they might be able to help you

When you arrive on Ilha grande, in front of this island, you should find the second ladder from the right to left, count 5 stones to left and 4 stones to top.